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1- LIVE or Other LINKS:
(a) You may have live links to other sites. Now if we find the link as being a spam, phishing, or other harmful site there will be a 7 day ban minimal. If we find that the site is severely harmful there will be a LIFETIME ban. No questions asked. This means "NO SPAMMING AT ALL"!!

2- NO Thread Jacking!
If you have a question, we want you to ask it. That's what the forums are for. Create your own thread in the appropriate forum unless it pertains to what has already been asked.

3- No Flaming or Bashing Policy.

• Flaming of Mods/Admins of this site is an instant BAN.

NO Bashing, Flaming, Harassing, Bothering, Talking down to, or Threatening this site, its members, sponsors, Visiting Admins/Mods from other Forums, or any others.

Cyber bullying WILL NOT be tolerated! This is a family friendly and we all enjoy friendly banter but cyber bullying will result in in an instant ban, up to and including a lifetime ban, pending the severity and frequency of the issue. The amount of time of the ban is up to the individual moderator.

4- No Warez of any kind.
This includes but is not limited to Keygens, Serials, Cracks, Warez Links.

5- No posting of personal information this includes you own.

6- No adult themed pictures of any kind is to be posted in the forum. Avatars must not have exposed privates or see-through clothes. This is a family site. 1st offense will result in the avatar being deleted. The second offense will result in a 7-day ban. Third strike and you are gone for good.

7- Please post in the CORRECT forum.

FOUL LANGUAGE: There will be no tolerance of foul language use. This is a family friendly site and use of foul language will result in posts being edited, deleted, or user bans handed out. This is up to each individual moderator's discretion. We are a family friendly site and want to make everyone feel welcome.

Avatars: The max avatar size is set to 100 kb.
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